Energy Balancing: An Everyday Guide to Natural Health

June 4, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Lima Hana Massage Education Center
1234 Ave C
Ellsworth, KS 67439
Michelle Colbrese

The seminar is run by James Minckler.

A unique study of the body’s electrical energy, using simple step-by-step procedures to detect and balance energy flow. The human body functions like an electrical circuit and has an innate intelligence which will respond to questions we may ask it.

This program is a synthesis of philosophies gathered from many sources and brings together ancient healing arts integrated into an easy system to help yourself and others. A hands-on seminar giving individuals the opportunity to learn the practical application of self health and personal empowerment.

Eliminate those everyday aches and pains by learning how to walk in balance with Nature. You are invited to join the circle for an educational and entertaining adventure in awareness that will exceed your expectations.

Two-day Seminar Investment $175. Return students $75. Energy Balancing Book I – ‘A Holistic Guide to Wellness” available. Cost $22. 14 CEU credits for MassageTherapists

For more information, pre-registration and appointments contact Michelle Colbrese or Eric Hart at 406-534-8324 or email:


  1. We had a wonderful group for this class. Learned so much about body energy and organ balance. Plans are in motion to set up Phase II in October/November. Let us know if you want to continuing learning to balance your own energy!

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