Michelle Colbrese

IMG_5267Lima Hana Massage Education Center

Michelle is currently on medical sabattical.

I believe that people come into our lives for a reason. It may not be clear at the moment, if I am meant to influence your life or vice versa. But I am sure that every life I touch will have an effect on mine. I have been happily married to Brad for 21 years. We have had our share of blessings and challenges. At the end of the day, I know that I am blessed to have shared my day with him.

I have been instinctively doing massage and caregiving almost all of my life. My first teacher was my Dad. I was 6 or 7 years old when he started telling me how to walk on his back, pound around his neck and shoulders and help him stretch his lower back. As a matter of fact, he was also my first “paying client”. He used to promise me 10 cents to rub his neck; when he didn’t have change he would say “I’ll give you a quarter next time.” By the time I graduated from high school he owed me my college tuition!

My formal training in bodywork began almost 30 years ago and I have been actively practicing massage in Montana since 1994. Over the years, I have learned that it is important to stay open to new ideas and adopt new methods; research and understand trends and fads in the industry; and listen. My Mom taught me that listening is a valuable skill and a special asset for any caregiver. In fact, she showed me that being a caregiver is letting people know how much you care; not telling them how much you know. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from the experience.