Massage Tips and Techniques for Estheticians

Life MagazineWe have requests for simple massage tips for estheticians. The scope of education for estheticians is only skin deep, but in practice 10 minute massages are easily incorporated into a facial session.  A good scalp massage, neck and shoulder work or hand and arm can be beneficial to the client and will increase the practitioner’s retention rate and tips!  First, learn to regulate your pressure, too little will tickle and too much is uncomfortable. Be aware of the client’s response to your touch. Second, softly locking your wrists and using the entire surface of your hand, palm and knuckles will reduce the stress on your thumbs. Finally, stretch your hands, wrists and fingers daily to develop strength and prevent injury.

We have designed a class for estheticians and the general public to learn more about 10 minute massages that are relaxing and beneficial to the subject as well as easy and non-stressful on the therapist.

This three week course begins on Monday, April 4th at 9 am. The cost is $180.  Contact the Center for more details and to sign up.

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