Massage for Couples

Bannisters Day Spa - Couples MassageWe are starting a series of classes designed for the non-professional massage enthusiasts.

We all lead busy, stressful lives. It can be a challenge to find 15 minutes a day to share with our partner, family or children. Ten minutes of therapeutic massage can relax muscle stress, relieve headaches, and rebuild a healing line of communication. Massage is a natural and instinctive healing art. But, most people instinctively rely on their thumbs to do all the work or cannot find a comfortable position to work in the home. This course focuses on adapting massage techniques to fit home furnishings: a kitchen chair, couch, living room floor. Share the benefits of 10 minute massages with your friends and family.

Description:  6 hours of lecture, demonstrations and hands-on practice in:

  • Benefits and Effects of Massage, theory, and the nurturing power of touch;
  • Self-care stretching and strengthening exercises;
  • Massage techniques for the neck, shoulder and head;
  • Lower Back massage techniques and strengthening;
  • Hand and arm massage;
  • Feet and lower leg massage techniques; and
  • Helpful hints about easing headaches and reducing muscle tension.


For more information and to register contact us at (406) 534-8324.

Registration Fee:   $150.00 per couple

This class is beneficial to anyone who desires to learn massage for home use with proper body mechanics. “Couples” may be any two people who want to learn simple massage techniques. Sign up with a friend, your sister, brother, parent, partner or spouse.

The fee for a couple is $150.  There is a $20 discount for early registration completed two weeks before the beginning of the course.

Check the calendar for dates.


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